Are you ready to grow a community of loyal followers and build the business & life of your dreams?

The May Collective one-on-one coaching program is designed to help women break through their limiting beliefs and build the digital empire of their dreams.


  • Positioning yourself a the go to thought leader in your industry?
  • Running a business that allows you to have total control and freedom?
  • Working with Girl Bosses who inspire and motivate you?
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and the fear of putting yourself out there?
  • Making a huge impact while doing something you’re passionate about?
  • Having the opportunity to create financial abundance?


  • You are an ambitious woman eager for a life transformation
  • You are currently or planning to run a serviced based online business
  • You are building your business around your own personal brand
  • You are open to working on yourself to develop a mindset for success
  • You want to use online influence and impact to grow your empire
  • You are ready to invest in yourself



I have always known that the entrepreneurial journey was for me, after completing my Degree, I wasted no time in starting my own business, however, now I will admit that my enthusiasm meant there was little thought and mostly action. Failing to properly plan and understand my true desires, in the end, this led to fear, self-doubt and major imposter syndrome.

During this time I remember waking up thinking

  • I have no idea what I am doing
  • I am not skilled enough for this
  • Maybe I should have got a job like the other graduates did
  • I was beginning to regret my decision

For a while, the fear and self-doubt prevented me from moving forward. I felt stuck and lost. Realising that no matter what I did I would most likely feel the same way I had no choice but to go on a journey of self-discovery.

My journey started with a little meditation, it then led to a few success seminar videos, and before I knew it, I was on my way to developing new empowering habits, and completing a mindset overhaul.

I traded my fear for excitement, my self-doubt for belief and then the day happened that changed my life forever; I invested in myself.

Hiring myself, a coach was the scariest but best decision I have ever made in my life. 

Today, I can honestly say that I have an unwavering belief in myself and my ability to support amazing women through their transformational journey to a business, and a life they are obsessed with.

If you always do what you’ve always done,
you will always get what you’ve always got


  • Overcome fears and master your mindset
  • Receive the support and accountability you need to get things done
  • Validate your ideal customer and get a clear understanding of your niche
  • Learn how to build a business around your unique personal brand
  • Implement the marketing, social media and online strategies that you need to grow your online business.
  • Learn how to take the icky-ness out of sales, and make them authentic
  • Build an impactful online business centred around you and your lifestyle

You don’t have to spend years trying to figure this out. Let me show you what works.


The May Collective has been designed to provide you with the exact tools and strategies you need to hit your business goals as quick as possible.
To me, the way to success is not a secret
In the program, I share everything with you that allowed me to quickly begin to book clients and start hitting my financial goals.

I understand that investments can be scary, trust me I was scared too. As I mentioned, however, getting the help I needed was the missing link between my goals and my reality. My personal experience with coaching was transformational. Now, I am inspired to share with you, everything I have learned in my coaching, my degree and my experience as a successful entrepreneur and YouTube content creator.


  • Program Welcome Pack
  • Weekly 60-minute Skype calls
  • Weekly action plan and worksheets
  • Unlimited email support
  • Technical Support
  • Mindset work resource list
  • Recommended book list
  • 1 x post-course catch up call

Your Investment: 4 Payments of $1500 USD (or pay in full to receive 10% off)

(For Australian residents; GST will be applied)


  • Before working with Erin, I was unable to put the time or effort into my digital strategy despite knowing how important it was to the expansion of the online side of my business. Erin helped me to grow my Facebook page to over 15,000 likes, and by posting the right sort of content, those likes turned into customers of my online store. Additionally, Erin supported me in redesigning my website and assisted in opening the doors to new oppotunies for my business.

    Daniella Tarrantello
    Daniella Tarrantello Organic Formulations
  • Erin is the queen of digital business. She is my go-to coach for motivation, inspiration and all things online. Erin’s coaching is such a breath of fresh air - a mix of mindset and savvy business strategy that is actionable and actually works and delivers results! Since working with Erin on my accountability I’ve become so much more productive, I’ve got more done, in less time and grew my business more in one week than I had in the 3 months previous. If you’re someone who day dreams in the shower or in the car about an amazing life you hope to “one day” have - working with Erin will make that “one day” today. Working with her will change your life beyond your wildest dreams.

    Helena Murphy
    Helena Murphy The Guide To Growth
  • Deciding to work with Erin was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I got so much more than what I expected. These 12 weeks have been such a growing experience and the impact she had on me has absolutely changed my life. The idea of starting my own business was such an overwhelming and scary thought. Her program broke everything down to simple actionable steps. Every week I felt empowered by the progress I was making. If and when I felt stressed, she was there to support me. I am so amazed at how much I learned from her program, everything from mission statements, to building my own website (which I would have never imagined being able to do). After working with her I am confident not only with where my business is right now but also where it will go in the future.

    Anna Davila
    Anna Davila Health and Wellness Coach
  • This course is the all round best business foundations course that I have ever taken! When I started my First business, I had no direction, no niche, and wasn't even sure what my passions were. Had I had this course when I first started, it wouldn't have taken years to 'get it', and get on the right track to abundance.

    Natasha Solae
    Natasha Solae GirlCEO
  • Honestly, everything that I will say in this testimonial is an understatement because no words can truly express how much I have grown from The May Collective coaching. I was the girl with big dreams of one day, some day, maybe starting a business but I was too afraid to put myself out there because well, it’s tough out here for us women. I am so grateful to Erin for her guidance, her mind and her existence. I wouldn’t be living my dream and waking up every day happy to slay the day if it wasn’t for your calls through crazy time difference, your bubbly personality picking me up whenever I was down and for always giving 110% to figure out the African market just because I needed it. I am so confident with where I am today and I am beyond excited for all the amazing opportunities that I will wholeheartedly grab in the future. I mean, seriously, who gets 3 clients before launching? Someone who works with Erin!

    Araika Mkulo
    Araika Mkulo CEO Dangerous Woman
  • Working with Erin has been an incredible start for my business. In the past when launching a business venture I have been quite messy and unstructured, leading me to miss essential steps. This time around Erin worked hard to keep me on track every step of the way and to kick goals over and again. Along with the amazing work that we have done to get my business up and running, Erin has also supported me in making leaps and bounds with my mindset and lifestyle as an entrepreneur. I have finished my 12-week program feeling more confident than ever that I have everything I need to grown my business with amazing momentum.

    Madeline Nimeh
    Madeline Nimeh Business and Personal Branding Coach
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