Hello, Lovely, I am Erin and Welcome to The May Collective.

I am a passionate Business and Digital Influence Coach from Melbourne Australia. After overcoming my limiting beliefs and fears, I now consider myself to be the ultimate optimist and am dedicated to supporting women through the transformational process of turning their passion and personality into a profitable reality.

My business journey has allowed me to travel, live my dream life all while waking up every day feeling motivated and inspired by the women I work with.

I have always had big dreams, and I can honestly say that I never saw myself following a traditional career path.

I always knew I needed to be free; I needed to be doing something that fulfilled me, allowed me to contribute to people’s lives and most importantly, allowed me to communicate, regularly. Yes, I love to talk.

I began my journey to discover my dream career when I was 20 and trying to decide what to study at university.

My answer at the time was that I was going to be an event coordinator.

Looking back in hindsight, I am glad events was a possible passion as it drove me to do a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Public Relations. However, planning parties for the rest of my life, not for me thank you.

While completing my business degree, I worked part-time in a call centre selling wine (sounds delicious but was utterly uninspiring) and I changed my intended career path just as often as I changed my outfit. The only thing that remained constant was my passion for communicating with people.

I can recall two key moments that I believe changed my direction forever. The first was when I learnt what an entrepreneur was while taking the subject Entrepreneurship and Innovation. When this happened, bells rang inside me.

I was going to be an entrepreneur.

The second moment was in my final year when I attended a Student PR Summit. During a talk from one the world’s leading marketers I heard the words that sparked my next path.

“Online is the way forward. If you want to be successful these days, get yourself visible online” – The next day, I started a health and fitness YouTube channel (I was in the midst of a health kick).

After graduating, I was eager to start a business, any business, so with the experience I had from being on YouTube, I started a Digital Marketing Agency. By the way, this all happened in one day.

After about a week I started getting client work and was gaining momentum until something began to happen… I got scared, I became doubtful of myself, and I held back BIG TIME. Even though I had secured work and my business was successful. I didn’t build a website. I didn’t actively seek new clients. I felt like an imposter, who would even hire me, I don’t know anything that others don’t already know.

“Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome) is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalise their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud.” (Wikipedia)

Along with this fear and self-doubt, I began to realise that social media marketing is a whole lot of typing and not a lot of talking… it really wasn’t for me. So I began a journey of self-discovery

I started swapping my heath books for self-development books, stopped watching full days of eating videos and started watching mindset seminars; I even started changing my own content from food and fitness to mindset and success. I also started exploring new venture options.

To be honest, I cannot remember the exact moment I discovered coaching. However, I do remember having the biggest Ah-ha moment I have ever had in my life. I was going to be a Business Coach.
Even though I had no idea how I was going to make it happen because I knew NOTHING about coaching, I just knew it was going to happen. Working on my terms, helping others and communicating as much as I possibly could.

The second I committed myself the momentum began immediately. Because of the change in my YouTube content, I started to receive messages from females asking if I could mentor them. I stumbled across the perfect coach for myself to learn about coaching and with no hesitation invested my money.

So now, here I am. I have a successful coaching business on my own terms; I spend every day communicating with inspiring females helping them to achieve their ultimate life and business dreams.

If I could pinpoint the most important moment that had lead to my success, it would be the day I invested in myself. I left my fear behind, got help from a coach, worked through everything that previously held me back and started riding the waves to success.

Now, it is your turn. If you are ready to fulfil that desire inside you to be the best version of yourself and start a wildly successful digital empire, I am ready to coach you. Forget fears, forget limits and forget the past – let’s focus on the future and start turning that passion into reality.

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