Welcome to The May Collective

I know it’s fate that you’re here because it is finally time for you to be the thought leader that you were created to be. 

It’s time you stop worrying about where your next income is coming from, stop creating content that no one is engaging with and instead, start attracting loyal fans and amazing clients.

You and I both know that you are a game changer, a woman who is destined to lead a movement and live a life of freedom and abundance so get ready to pour some coffee because you’re about to gain more income and have more impact with your business

So are you ready to grow a loyal, engaged audience for more income and more impact with your business? 


Hi Beautiful, it’s lovely to meet you finally. Just a bit about me, I am an Australian Business and Online Strategy Coach, and Founder of The May Collective

My Mission is to empower women to grow their loyal and engaged audience using digital strategies to position themselves as a thought leader so they can elevate their business to the level of success that they dream of.

With over 3.5 Million views on YouTube and a global tribe of engaged Girl Bosses, I now know what it takes to spread your message, stand out from the crowd, be the game change you were born to be and feel confident in doing so, but for me, it wasn’t always like this…


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